Condo Painting Services Singapore

Why choose us for Condo Painting?

Quality Control

HKPaintingServices boasts a track record for more than 20years of 100% accident free. Quality control measures are in place from hiring to training our staffs, to ensure uncompromised quality in all our services.

Single Point of Contact

Dedicated project managers will be appointed to you for a single point of contact and coordination. Our project managers are required to have more than 8 years of experience in painting, with valuable advices to offer to our clients.

Awards & Accolades

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Turnaround time

Our professional crew strives to ensure completion at the earliest opportunity for all jobs without compromising quality.

High Quality Paints Used

Paint used are of highest quality, which contains no VOC(VOC is a harmful chemical and it is an ingredient in the most ordinary paints. In addition, this chemical is a potential of air pollution and it reduces the quality of air in the interiors of your office or home).

Customized Colors Available

We understand the frustration of not having your preferred color available in off-the-shelf paint. We are able to cater to home owners who would love a unique color of their preference.