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HkPaintingServices is an award winning, small painting company offering high quality residential and commercial property painting services. Each project is closely monitored by the manager beginning with color choice to the last stroke of the brush. We provide “one client at a time” service. Contractors favour us for painting services because we are reliable and deliver what we promise, every time.

In early 2000, we successfully incorporated a fully operational paint store. The inclusion of a painting shop allows us to purchase paints and painting equipment at distributor prices, hence channeling the savings to our clients.

All projects are handled with meticulous attention irregardless of the size of the projects. We pride ourselves on each and every of our finished projects and each painting services in Singapore as a testament to our brand.

In Singapore, painting services has to be compliant with MOM and safety regulations. Our painters are trained for safety standards and quality painting. With proper training and adherence to safety standards, we are proud to be 100% accident-free for 20years straight.

HDB painting services and condo painting services will require an on-site viewing by our dedicated project managers. Fair quotation will be provided at the end of the consultation with our project managers after deciding on colours and paint type.

We do not believe in quoting customers CHEAP prices and surprising clients with hidden costs(ie. extra costs for painting doors and pipes.). We provide a customized quotation for every project as per discussion with our valuable clients.

Our dedication to downtime minimization is a unique value preposition we bring into the industry, be it for whiteboard paint or painting the entire unit. Our service is able to accommodate for jobs that are required to be finished in a tight timeline.

Every project have a detailed outline and proposed strategy. Timeline, labour and materials are itemized to eliminate possible downtime due to poor planning.

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Paint Delivery To Your Doorstep

Same Day Delivery

We provide paint delivery with painting equipments to your doorsteps for a hassle-free buying experience. Our experienced team is capable of providing advice for your painting project, for all items that you will require. Schedule your paint delivery with us and we will make the necessary arrangements!

HK Painting Services Code of Conduct

Health and Safety

To adhere strictly to OSHA or any other safety standards, whichever is more stringent


Take pride in our work, to deliver consistent high standards that the public and peers in the trade will expect of specialists

To demonstrate great level of knowledge and understanding in our field of work

Running a business

To not take on any work that are out of our capabilities to fulfill

To act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business

To maintain professional conduct at all times

Where unforeseen circumstances arise where delay is likely to occur, inform the client at the earliest opportunity

House Warming Services

We organise house warming for home owners who are not afraid to show off their homes. From catering to lion dance performances and face changing performances, we are a one-stop solution for entertaining guests and great food.